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Client and Referral Gift

Maintain Client Rapport with Bukoo Gifts

Bukoo Gifts is your tool for building relationships with your clients. Successful organizations must show their clients and customers how much they appreciate their business. The market is competitive and that extra touch could capture the loyalty of a company that would have otherwise taken their business elsewhere. We offer customizable client rewards programs for such a purpose. Read more about client gift programs in our white paper.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Award points to your customers for choosing your business, keeping them coming back for more points and more opportunities to redeem from our wide selection of gifts. Show them you appreciate their business and are willing to invest in keeping their business. Also, utilize Bukoo for referral gift programs, and give your customers and clients thank you gifts for sending business your way.  View our white paper on incentive programs or our page about points programs.

White Papers

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What’s the Value of a Referral?

Bukoo Gifts Loyalty Program



  • You Choose:
  • Recipient’s Country
  • Price Point
  • Theme
  • You Enter:
  • Personal Message
  • Recipient’s Email
  • Email Delivery Date

They receive your email and choose their name brand gift!

Sample Themes

Get a preview of some of the available Bukoo store themes.