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Years of Service Awards, Incentive Programs, Client Gifts, Closing Gifts, and more

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Employee Service Awards and Recognition Gifts

Make 2014 the year you enhance your employee morale by using incentive programs, employee appreciation gifts, and rewards and recognition programs. The economy is starting to turn around. Are you doing what it takes to keep your best employees engaged? Learn more about the necessity of employee rewards and recognition to keep your talent base once the economy recovers in the article by our Marketing Manager in the KY SHRM Magazine, “Are Your Employees Happy?”

Incentive Points Programs

During a recession the attitude among employees can be less than ideal. Disillusionment with the company can lead to lack of motivation or productivity. Incentive programs can help you re-focus employees on company goals and connect them to the bottom line. When they see that a particular action is so valuable you would add additional performance incentives, they become more engaged and motivated. Consider points programs for wellness incentive programs, safety incentive programs, sales incentive programs, or develop your own employee incentive plan.  We can help you engage your employees in a way that will positively affect your bottom line.

Client Gifts and Real Estate Closing Gifts

The additional gesture of a gift can make a client or customer’s experience that much sweeter. Add a fond memory to their experience with your company by sending a Bukoo Gift and you will enhance not only your consumer loyalty, but also your marketing plan. No marketing can beat the effects of word of mouth and referrals. Increase your chances of a glowing recommendation with the extra step into client loyalty gifts, client closing gifts, client holiday gifts, referral gifts, or even a loyalty incentive program.

On the Spot Rewards and Recognition

Rewarding your employees on a day to day basis is a great way to engage them with their work and increase productivity. Don’t let an opportunity to say “Thanks” in a special way pass you by. With our On the Spot Koodos kits, you can easily give the employees a morale boost at any time. Or give them a points reward with our On the Spot points cards that keep them engaged and active in any incentive and rewards program.



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